• Awesome Betterhero

    I had a new idea for a page section. How about one called, "Names of Users"? In it, there would be bullets of what people would be called if they used it. Here's an example.


    The ability to manipulate examples. Variation of Yada Yada Blasts and sub-power of Doohickey Generation. Not to be confused with Idea Manipulation.

    • Example Control
    • Example Controlling
    • E.G. Manipulation
    • E.G. Control
    • E.G. Controlling

    The user can control any example of anything. They can create examples for things, and by doing that, they can change the things themselves.

    • Example Manipulators
    • Example Controllers
    • Examplemen
    • E.G.ers

    Anyways, like my idea? I think it would help for some powers like Vocifery.

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