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  • I was born on February 22
  • My occupation is Translator
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    character sheet 3

    March 13, 2015 by Arthur melo

    Name: Richard noel 

    Age: 28

    Occupation: Death and member of the immortal garden 



    Place of Origin:


    Powers: Dark Arts, Voodoo, Death-Force Manipulation

    Alignment: chaotic neutral 









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  • Arthur melo

    Character Sheet 2

    December 15, 2014 by Arthur melo

    NAME:Alexandre del Toro

    Age: 34.

    Power:Enhanced Intelligence, Self-Resurrection, Semi-Immortality and Magic(Magnetism_Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation  and Thermal Manipulation)

    Occupation: Immortal Garden member

    Likes: popcorn and cute cats.

    Dislikes: Stupid people.

    Place Of Origin:E.U.A

    Hobbies: Invent

    Alignment: chaotic neutral


    Strength : C

    Endurance : B

    Agility : A

    Intelligence : SSS+

    Mana : SSS

    Charisma : C

    Luck : A+

    History:Alexander was born prematurely, and his mother (Maria Del Toro) died in childbirth, his father abandoned his mother to learn of the pregnancy, so he was sent to his maternal grandparents, the 6 year old showed great intelligence, even for adults, when he joined the first year the school did not find a place in any gr…

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  • Arthur melo

    The real purpose of this question is to know how would your life if you sleep when I woke up today and tomorrow had one of these powers. 

    Omni-Negation -

    Omnibenevolence -

    Omnicompetence -

    Scarecrow Physiology -

    Clown Physiology -

    Anyone can request to add some power as long as it has any effect on people's lives. 

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  • Arthur melo

    Name - The First God Sleeping  Powers - Reality Dreaming (unknowingly) Alignment: neutral (even wanting to be good is responsible for most bad events) Occupation: Dreaming History: When the world was created by Alpha (supreme god), who created the base universe, and then he made three Big Bangs, creating a 5 dimension, the dream world and the white demension in demension dream came three gods the first a child which was trapped in dreaming forever changing the dimençõa dream, then the Second God sleeping the representative of endless sleep (death) imprisoned in a thought in her mind could not change both the universe diminishing his powers considerably but sometimes can break that barrier.

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