"I always loved the taste of meat dishes... too bad I lack the only meat that can lure men with... ;^;"
― Harra's Status Post on Facebook
"BACON!!!! PIZZA!!! my two favorite things... Also steak, mutton, ham... GAAWWW SCREW IT I LOVE THEM ALL"
― Harra
Hirugi Harra
Basic Info

The Baconette

Pizza Goddess



Gender Female
Age 16
Blood Type B
Main Abilities
Personal Data
Birthplace Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Affiliation(s) ??


Meat lover

Meat enthusiast


Kagamine Rin - I Wanna Be a Princess! (English Subbed)04:27

Kagamine Rin - I Wanna Be a Princess! (English Subbed)

Hirugi Harra is a child born and raised in a rich family settled in Osaka Prefecture, Japan. For some weird reason, her daily routein often involves video games and consuming large amounts of meat dishes and products - and yet she still retains her thin physique.


Early Life

Before, Harra attends school regularly and was always the top student. She dropped out later on because she admittedly described herself as lazy and a hypocrite despite doing fairly well in her studies - studying was never her favorite thing to do.

She has always loved the taste of meat as a child. She never ate vegetables and her family resorted to making healthy dishes for Harra that always included meat which somehow she liked. Despite the many people who are often afraid of what their body would look like if they took too much meat or carbs, Harra never had a care in the world about her weight and figure. But Harra's body seems to retain her healthy and fit physique.


Harra grew bored of doing nothing, she didn't know what to do with her life so she did what she loved, Meat. She dug around cookbooks to cook any meat dish she can find. Cooking for her family, Harra was well appreciated by her family that they decided to build her a restaurant called "Nikuharra".


Harra is lazy and pretty much gives up when the job is costing her too much effort. She enjoys a little motivation though which is why she enjoys cooking

In combat she has little to no experience, but she makes up for it in terms of team support with the use of her dishes and food.


Food Manipulation - Yes yes... Harra can manipulate the properties of meat... oddly enough she has the ability to turn pork into any meat she wants it to be... tender Chevon, Juicy beef or even Lamb... The cause of this is unknown


  • Harra's favorite meat products are Bacon and Pizza, her favorite dish is beef stew and grilled pork.
  • Harra has always been conscious about her small breasts. And one of her reasons of eating meat is because she believes it will make her breasts bigger.