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Nabari no Ou - 10 - Large 15


Android 18 by ayanashii-d6nnkei

Epithet The Shapeshifting Anomaly
Alias(es) Bio-Badass, "X", X-Tra
Alignment Lawful-Good
Race Supernatural Bio-Organic Android
Laterality Ambidextrous
Gender Undefined
Age Looks about 19/20, but has lived for millions of years.
Birthday December 2nd
Blood Type

He doesn't bleed due to him being composed of a bio malleable metal physiology.

Personal Data
Birthplace Unknown (Somewhere in Existence)
Affiliation Sagami and The Dark Hunters
Headquarters Conceptual Resort
Occupation Member and Justice Server of The Dark Hunters
Family None
Powers and Abilities

Bio-Metal Physiology

Malleable Anatomy

Nano-Active Blood


Meta Condition

Gauntlet Proficiency

Abilities (From Hyper Nanos)

Nigh-Perfect Regeneration (Due to his Hyper Nanos)

Absolute Immortality (Due to Hyper Nanos)

Kinetic-Energy Manipulation (Due to over 10-15 Years of intense training)

Absolute Combat

Near Instant Adaptation (Due to Hyper Nanos)

Eye Color Normal Androgynous Form (Pale Blue), Xenro Male Form (Black Scalea and bright Yellow eyes), Xenra Female Form (Sapphire Blue Eyes)
Hair Color Normal Androgynous Form (Jet Black), Xenro Male Form (Light Blonde), Xenra Female Form (Vibrant Blonde)
Height 6'10 (185.928cm)
Weight ??? lbs.
Favorite Food Anything Really, but X prefers Hamburgers and Pizza.
Hobby Serving justice to evil beings and hanging with his friends.
Weapon(s) WIP


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