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  • AncientAlphaGear


    Mas's standard looks has her being taller than she once was, as well as having her be more athletically fit. She now has cast away her completely dark clothing to wear a black mini-dress under a white coat along with a white hat. She also wears black socks and brown shoes.

    Mas has become alot less blood thirtsy over time and has become more emotional and docile. While she still fights and trains her sword skills, she does not constantly seek ti and takes challenges as they are presented, unless its at an inconvinient time. Other than that she's become a lot happier but for some reason has a somewhat passionate attitude against Riya.

    Mas, although not much is known about her past, its speculated that she was a human at one point or another, …

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  • AncientAlphaGear


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  • AncientAlphaGear

    Mason Archer

    September 16, 2016 by AncientAlphaGear
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  • AncientAlphaGear

    Name and General Info
    Epithet The Unending Flame of Wrath
    Alias(es) Y, Yirou, Wrath
    Alignment Chaotic-Neutral
    Race Unknown
    Laterality Ambidextrous
    Gender Male? (Unknown exactly)
    Age Unknown (Has existed since Totality created the pocket of energy that made him)
    Birthday Unkown
    Blood Type None
    Personal Data
    Birthplace In a place outside of existence
    Affiliation None
    Headquarters None
    Occupation Destroying and absorbing Omniverse's.
    Family None
    Powers and Abilities

    Unending Wrath

    Destructive Apocalyptic Body

    Abilities (From Hyper Nanos)

    Eye Color

    Hair Color



    Favorite Food


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  • AncientAlphaGear


    August 5, 2016 by AncientAlphaGear


    Epithet The Shapeshifting Anomaly
    Alias(es) Bio-Badass, "X", X-Tra
    Alignment Lawful-Good
    Race Supernatural Bio-Organic Android
    Laterality Ambidextrous
    Gender Undefined
    Age Looks about 19/20, but has lived for millions of years.
    Birthday December 2nd
    Blood Type

    He doesn't bleed due to him being composed of a bio malleable metal physiology.

    Personal Data
    Birthplace Unknown (Somewhere in Existence)
    Affiliation Sagami and The Dark Hunters
    Headquarters Conceptual Resort
    Occupation Member and Justice Server of The Dark Hunters
    Family None
    Powers and Abilities

    Bio-Metal Physiology

    Malleable Anatomy

    Nano-Active Blood


    Meta Condition

    Gauntlet Proficiency

    Abilities (From Hyper Nanos)

    Nigh-Perfect Regeneration (Due to his Hyper Nanos)

    Absolute Immortality…

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