Fullmetal Renkinjutsushi

aka Nayeef Ahsan

  • I live in Bangladesh
  • I was born on February 9
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Fullmetal Renkinjutsushi

    Powers and Abilities

    All of the abilities are produced by manipulating reality at the fundamental level, creating an alternate reality just as real as the original. The changes are absolute, can’t be tampered with in any way and only the user can reverse the changes.

    Biological Abilities

    Ability to create any humanoid being with any personality traits, such as cyborgs, (sentient) androids, Angels, Snow Maiden, Yokai, Fallen Angels, Devils, Cat-Girls, Nekosho, Nekomata, Succubus etc.

    Fictionional Character Manifestation: Bring fictional characters from stories, flocklore, Anime manga, comics, movies and Tv Show etc. to life.

    Cloning: Create a perfect replica of a person.

    Biokinesis: Changes the body at the fundamental level freely, such as hair, eye…

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  • Fullmetal Renkinjutsushi

    Finally getting the hang of wikia

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