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  • I was born on September 22
  • I am Male
  • A Living Person

     Chalyvians are a race of sentient machines and walking memories of the late humanity. Originally leftovers from the final war for humanity, they grew and gained sentience to be able to think and learn. With this new ability, they rebuilt and healed our planet and expanded out into the universe to be taught and innovate. They are a "species" of dipolmacy, technology, and adaptibility.

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  • A Living Person

    Aliases:Higher Ones, The Enlightened

    Homeworld:Tailte Airde

    Body Form:N/A

    Years of Existence:Unknown

    Appearance and Physiology:

    It is difficult to fully identify a Altorian’s body structure as the form we see isn’t even what they actually appear to be, they are actually multiversal beings existing on a different plane from the physical realm we know, and exist in several realities simultaneously as a method of stabilizing their true body without destabilizing the reality their presence is primarily occupying. As for the form they take for us to see, a avatar for each Altorian is unique in both shape and workings, their biology are astounding for each avatar and it's amazing how they can keep being different from each other. A ability one avatar…

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  • A Living Person

    Name: Chrysa Vrady

    Power: Weakened Power Replication/Post-Mortem Power Absorption/Power Absorption

    Voiced By: Jennifer Hale (Eng)/ Miyuki Sawashiro (Jap)

    Aliases: Nyx Selinofos, Shining Scion, Evening Killer

    Alignment: Chaotic Good/Chaotic Neutral (Post-Dying Morning)

    Birthday: December 24th

    Bloodtype: O+

    Gender: Female

    Natural Enemy: Herself

    Three Sizes:B73/W53/H76

    Place of Origin: California

    Occupation: Assassin

    Weight/Height: 42KG/155CM

    Race: Human

    Preferred Armament: Swords and Firearms

    Theme: The World is Tumbling Down

    Motto: “Dawn to Dusk, and back again.”


    ”Do you want me to start? Because…”

    “Review. Start.”

    Hobbies: Weapon Monitoring/Creating, Small-Time Shopping, Reading, Singing

    Activities: Anti-Heroism, Moral Assassination, Deconstructor …

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  • A Living Person

    7th Character Sheet

    February 2, 2015 by A Living Person

    Name:Kyodo Ishiki (共同意識)

    Power:I am able to cause any phenomena within a certain range.

    Voiced by:Johnny Yong Bosch (English)/Yuuchi Nakamura (Japanese)

    Aliases:Gloom Boy, Kyo-Chan, Will of The World

    Alignment:Chaotic Good

    Birthday:November 27th


    Place of Origin:Alaska

    Occupation:Magi, World's Advocate, Traveler

    Theme:That Person's Name Is

    Motto:"Every plan dies at my touch."

    Catchphrase:"So, I gotta say...."

    Hobbies:Gaming, Theater, Exploration

    Likes:Social Interactions, Cool Stuff, Practicality, Music, Decent Challenges, Pragmatism

    Dislikes:High Class Hypocrites, Complete Monsters, Incompetent Leaders, Weak Excuses

    Values:Companions,Enjoyment,His Necklace





    Personal Information

    Combat Information

    Questions and An…

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  • A Living Person

    6th Character Sheet

    January 11, 2015 by A Living Person

    Name:Shiro Tsuya (城 艶/Lit. Castle of Luster/Colors)

    Aliases:The Rainbow of Miracles, Walking Colors, Alternately:Shihyo (指標/Index)

    Archability (Main Power):I imitate another me,from another world,another life.

    Alignment:Netural Good/Chaotic Neutral (Leans between the two)

    Birthday:February 14th


    Place of Origin:United States/California

    Occupation:Traveler,Executor of Ymchwil Hud

    Voiced by:Yuuki Kaji (Japanese)/Johnny Yong Bosch (English)

    Motto:"My life is every color,and every shade."

    Catchphrases:"I'll play volenteer then..."



    Inspirations:Shirou Schweinorg (For abilities),Yato (For Appearance),Kyon (For Snark),Hazama (For Smugness)

    Likes:Experiencing new stuff,Kept busy,Honesty,Determination,Understanding,Efficien…

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