aka Brian

  • I live in Philippines
  • I was born on January 6
  • My occupation is Call Center Agent
  • I am Male
  • 89thWarrior

    I was wondering why does people like sci-fi movies more than true story movies?

    Well maybe they just want to escape from reality and that's what I am guessing.

    Most people now wants life to get easier, faster and even more better than before. As for people like me? Well, as much as I could... I want it balanced and be fair enough to combine reality and fantasy. I have been so delightfully and willilngly wanted to fullfil something. But I guess I really needed help. I guess there are people who are experts here about powers. I was and I am and yet still planning/planned to create a series of different books. Actually I already did but needs some time to do some revisions. I would love to hear from you guys what are the things I need to achieā€¦

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