Superhero Name: Prisma

Alter Ego: Skarlet Erika


  • Color Manipulation</li>
  • Blue: Superspeed (Allow the user to run at lightning fast speeds)</li></li>
  • Red: Fire Manipulation (Capable of bending fire to the user's will)</li></li>
  • Violet: Black Hole (Capable of sucking and devouring objects and beings)</li></li>
  • Green: Super Strength (Gives the user extreme amounts of power and strength)</li></li>
  • Yellow: Electricity Manipulation (Capable of bending electricity to the user's will)</li></li>
  • Orange: Healing</li></li>
  • Pink: Flight</li></li>
  • Cyan: Telekinesis</li></li> </li>
  • Rainbow Manipulation</li>
  • Weapon Proficiency</li>
  • Magic Paint Brush: Prisma's signature weapon. It may be used as a melee weapon or coat a person in colored paint, which, depending on the color, gets the negative power of said color.</li></li> </li>
  • Enhanced Endurance</li></li>
  • Enhanced Agility</li></li>
  • Enhanced Reflexes</li></li>
  • Luck

    Gender and Physical Appearance

    ==Origin Story==Originally a regular college student, Skarlet Erika was a 19 year old girl who was in a time of financial crisis, being unable to pay for her intuition due to financial problems. This is where a mysterious girl came in, and suggested that she go through a testing program for a company named Halcyon GmbH. She does as such, due to her desperation, and goes through several drug tests, including that of heroine and crystal meth. Then, she was signed up into testing a new and potent drug by the name of Spectrum-59. She took the drug, but found that there were many side effects along with it. She started having hallucinations, started hearing things, made her feel many twitches in her body, her skin color and eye color changed drastically at random moments, and she goes to losing a feel for gravity completely. She felt as though she was losing herself... until finally bursting large amounts of excess energy from her body within the building, causing her to obtain power over colors. She then stood up, took the money from the experimentation, and left, vowing to use these new powers for something grand.

    Tragic Flaw/Weakness



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