Name: Kurt Aldos


Gender and Physical Appearance


Kurt Aldos

Kurt Aldos has the appearance of a 16 year old boy. He's 6'0", has a lean skinny build, jagged brown hair, and blue eyes. He usually wears dark pants, a light pink/white collared dress shirt, along with a red cotton vest over it, as well as his signature silver watch and wrist communicator.

Origin Story

Kurt Aldos is the first and only son of the Aldos family, and is soon to be the heir of Aldos Corporation, a company that deals with many forms of chemistry, robotics, and even that of the supernatural. Since he was young, Kurt Aldos has demonstrated the many qualities of a great scientific and extraordinary mind, being capable of solving complex equations by the age of 7, and creating his first ever computer at the age of 10, and even being shown to have an IQ of about 329, being the 9th smartest person in the world. However, he has always seeked a life of much greater meaning, one of which he would play a greater pivotal role in. That is, however, until the day that Chris Vander stepped through his manor's door. After hearing of his special powers that he has attained, Kurt became extremely intrigued by this, and offered to be the leader of a much greater unit, for people with gifts like that of Chris. And so, he designed the Codec mk1 suit, and prepared for the initiation of the 'Rebel Warriors' unit.


Kurt Aldos is a strange individual, despite his upbringing. Despite being curteous and friendly to many guests,  as well as being disciplined in his actions (such as bowing down to someone of superior stature), Kurt happens to have a more fun side to him, always cracking jokes, as well as being very extroverted, to the point of being very flirtatious with women, especially his current love interest, Susie Collins.


  • Chris Vander, aka Codec. A being with the powers to create any sort of weapon, item, powerup, or vehicle from any videogame (Videogame constructs). He is the leader and part of the 'Rebel Warriors' unit.
  • Celestine Eva, aka Sonner Cri. A sound manipulator in all forms, and has great acrobatic skills. Part of the 'Rebel Warriors' unit.
  • Darek Speed, aka Boost. An extreme speedster who attains greater power through the use of caffeine. Part of the 'Rebel Warriors' unit.
  • Kyle Newman, aka Quartet Breaker. Has 4th wall awareness and manipulation, capable of using the very comic book or media to his advantage. Part of the 'Rebel Warriors' unit.
  • Robert Murphy, aka Ficmorph. A powerful shapeshifter who's capable of transforming himself into any fictional animal. Part of the 'Rebel Warriors' unit.
  • Susie Collins. A girl with powers over invisibility and transportation, as well as Kurt's love interest.