"Oh! Oh, my God, Joe, when did you start running? And jumping? And sky-dancing?"
― Quagmire after hallucinating that Joe is able to move (Family Guy)

The power to move/act normally even with impairing movement disabilities. Not to be confused with Unrestricted Movement.

Also called

  • Unimpaired Action/Mobility/Motion/Movement
  • Unimpeded Action/Motion/Movement


The user can move/act normally unimpaired even if they have any kind of movement disabilities, disorders and diseases that are supposed to affect their movement. They are immune to movement and action impairing powers. User is immune to twitching, tremors and spasms, and even if they have lost a limb, their movement is improved to compensate for that.



Known Users

  • Mummy Maker (C3: CubexCursedxCurious)
  • Zombie (Valkyrie Crusade)