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The power to become a vessel for Unholy Entities, whether eldritch or demonic. Opposite to Divine Vessel.

Also Called

  • Demonic Container/Host/Vessel
  • Eldritch Container/Host/Vessel
  • Monster Container/Host/Vessel


User can act/become a vessel for a hellish, primordial, outer godly effigy's, etc., enabling their host to go places and do things that border on the seemingly impossible for normal or natural beings to fathom, let alone accomplish. Through a vessel, these entities can act more openly within the world than they could by themselves otherwise, and the user themselves can access and commune with these ancient beings, accessing their otherworldly knowledge and might.

Unlike it's counterpart the user and the possessor share a more parasitic relationship where the possessor acts more within its own course of interest than that of its vessel. Rarely, however, the possessor and the host can act in accordance with each other by finding common ground.




Known Users

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