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The power to exist in an undefined/undetermined state of being. Sub-power of Living Anomaly, Singularity and Self Origin Manipulation.

Also CalledEdit

  • Undefined Existence


User exists in an undefined/undetermined state, meaning that they don't fit into the standard mold or categories/classifications of existing beings. As such they cannot be truly considered to be living or dead and amortal or undead, instead they exist in an undefined grey area both inside and outside of the standard categories of existing creatures.

Thus while they may seem to be alive and exist, they can't really be classified in those terms. This allows them complete freedom from any power that operates on being either alive or dead and amortal or undead.

Unlike otherness however, user are still considered to be a part of existence/the world instead of being distinct/separate from it.




Known UsersEdit

  • Lying Darkness (Rokugan)
  • Armus (Star Trek TNG)
  • Kiriko Zubreska (Sunday Without God)


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