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Existential Plane Manipulation
Flame Haze
Flame Haze (Shakugan no Shana): Khamsin, Karl, Sophie, Mathilde, Wilhelmina and Margery.

Power/Ability To:

Control a Force/Domain/Energy that existed before Magical, Cosmic, and Elemental energies

The power to manipulate primordial force/energy/domain that flows through the Seven Planes of Existence.

Also Called

  • Origin Force
  • Ancient Force
  • Precursor Force
  • Source


Like the Enigma Force, It searches for a host and whoever is chosen gains great power. They ascend from their physical body and become a being of pure energy. This is because the user gain a mental, physical, or spiritual connection to the several planes that make up existence. With this connection, he/she can use it to gain an ability from each plane. The meaning of this is that the user has the potential to gain abilities that surpass those accomplished with the power Magic, Cosmic Control, and Elemental Control combined. However, the level of power depends mostly on the willpower of the host.


Aside from the powers gained from the other P.O.Es, there is a plane/set of powers that the user has no matter what plane they are in, or connected to.



Known Users

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