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The power to manipulate trials. Sub-power of Quest Manipulation. Not to be confused with Challenge Creation.

Also Called

  • Trial Control


User can create, shape and manipulate trials, tests that determine and/or prove whether somebody is worthy of something. This allows them to determine whether or not a target has the right to use something, win something and/or be something greater then what they are.

Anything that has to do with a trial they can manipulate, depending on their power and level of skill.




Known Users

  • The Almighty One/Tyr (Ah! My Goddess)
  • Guardians of Anfini (Breath of Fire II)
  • Levante (Granstream Saga)
  • Princess Kaguya (Japanese Mythology)
  • Slaanesh (Warhammer 40k)

Known Objects

  • Book of Eibon (Soul Eater); manga only


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