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"You are pierced because your too concerned with your body, you fall apart because your too concerned with form. Vampires are beings who transcend the line between life and death, beings that dwell between existence and nonexistence, holy and evil, life and death. Return all things to the mist of chaos from which they originated, that is what it means to be a vampire."
― Avrora Florestina (Strike the Blood)

The ability to use the traits of a divine vampiric being. The most powerful variation of Vampire Physiology. Vampiric variation of Transcendent Physiology.

Also Called

  • Absolute Vampirism
  • Divine Nosferatu Physiology
  • Ultimate Vampire/Vampirism
  • Vampire/Vrykolakas God Physiology
  • Vampiric Ascension/Divinity/Perfection


The user with this ability either is or can transform into a Transcendent Vampire: a powerful vampiric being who has literally ascended to true godhood either through powerful magical feats or by divine intervention.

In various forms of traditional folklore, vampires are often depicted as demonic beings who must feast on the blood of the living to survive and possess vulnerabilities to various things such as sunlight, garlic, holy relics, etc. However, Transcendent Vampires are arguably completely the opposite. Transcendent Vampires are often depicted as supernaturally attractive and possess an appearance identical to the one that they had in their previous life. They also appear to have an inherently mesmerizing aura to their presence. Many mortals or lesser beings may often feel an obsessive desire to be around the vampire in question or even follow and carry out their commands as mindless slaves.

Another thing that makes Transcendent Vampires unique is that despite them appearing to be related to things such as dark magic or inherently evil aspects, they are actually in fact shown to be often associated with or even assisting a higher power. In fact, most Transcendent Vampires are sometimes seen preaching or more or less speaking of the relationship they have with the supreme being they may or may not have worshiped during their mortal lifetime.

Overall, Transcendent Vampires are the supreme paragons of the species. They are responsible for maintaining the natural balance between vampires, humans, as well as other monsters. Due to the nature of their powers, they are capable of increasing their already amazing powers even further by absorbing various forms of energy. The user is thus capable of challenging most beings in existence.




  • While the user is nearly all-powerful, they may not choose to use their abilities to their full extent for certain reasons because of moral codes that they set for themselves. This is similar to how those who are omnipotent may not choose to interfere with the affairs of lesser beings unless absolutely necessary or because of personal rules.
  • While the user has virtually no weaknesses, they may still feel discomfort when outside during the day as vampires are naturally creatures of the night.
  • Beings of higher power (and potential) may still defeat the user in combat.
  • If werewolf and vampires are natural enemies, a Transcendent Werebeast may be able to defeat the users.
  • Most still require/strongly desire blood.

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