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The power to convert anything/everything completely. Advanced version of Transmutation.

Also Called

  • Absolute Conversion/Transmutation
  • Complete Conversion/Transmutation
  • Perfect Conversion/Transmutation


User can totally convert anything/everything into a usable state as well as the reverse, such as converting any fuel completely into energy, including any/all by-products and leftover or waste material. No matter what its used for (digestion/food, energy, air, etc.). They will be able to completely break it down and convert all of it into a usable form, leaving absolutely nothing of what the substance or product originally was or even its reverse by converting energy it matter with no spill-off of energy or explosions.

Depending on the product/substance being used and what it's being converted into, the effects may be temporary or permanent.




Known Users

  • Leto II Atreides (DUNE)
  • Lillendi (Planescape)
  • Cosmo-Knights (Rifts)
  • Spirit of Fire (Shaman King)
  • Master Alchemist (Valkyrie Crusade)

Known Objects

  • Planet Killer (Star Trek); via Total Conversion Drive
  • Genotronic Replicator (Star Trek: TNG)

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