• Make any bizarre, illogical or useless superpower. You choose whether you will want bizarre, illogical or useless (these three options, you choose)

    If you can or you want to, describe what power does.

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    • Bizarre: Marijuana Mimicry. The ability to mimic the properties of marijuana.

      Illogical: 4-D Sight. The ability to see everything in 4 dimensions. Can't be turned off.

      Useless: Psychroloutes Marcidus Physiology. The ability to be a blobfish. 'Nuff said.

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    • Illogical: Contradictory Emplacement - The ability to make anything contradict itself.

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    • Bizarre : Paradoxical Metafiction Empowerment = The power to be empowered by all paradoxical metafictional storyverses in existence and even the ones in non-existence as well. 

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    • I like all this very much

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    • Continue people, I really like

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    • Illogical/Bizarre ;

      Nonexistence Interface : The power to interface with and control Nonexistence like the settings for a system, allowing the user to manipulate it like any type of system such as computer, in supernatural, physical, metaphysical, mental, conceptual level, etc... 

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    • Illogical ;- 

      Nonexistencepotence = The Ability to possess infinite power through Nonexistence. This power grants the user vast superhuman/illogical abilities that may elevate him/her/it to a God-like position in Nonexistence or a deity in the real world. The user can manipulate the Nonexistent reality of Nonexistent/Nothingness 'space' freely and without limit. The power of a Nonexistentpotent may extend beyond Nonexistent reality and into the real world. The power may even go for a reality warping being from a Nonexistent reality.

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    • Bizzare;- 

      Imaginative Roulette = The Power to gain/acquire random Imaginary/Imagination-based powers arbitarily. The user gains a pre-programmed set of super powers upon their spinning of any object, consciously arranging a defined set of default special abilities while selecting one or more custom abilities for themselves.


      Amortality Transcendence = The ability to transcend Amortality (a state of unbirth). The User is above the concept of Unbirth itself - trancending Life, Death and Existence. 

      Applications =

      Immunity to Life and Death Manipulation,


      Transcendent Physiology, etc... 

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    • Bizarre/ Illogical ;- 

      Acausality Warping = The power to warp/manipulate Acausality which is the ability to be unaffected by attacks reliant on cause and effect or changes to the past.

      Capabilities = For example, being killed or having one's history changed a significant amount of time in the past through Reality Warping will NOT affect an Acausal character in the present or future. However, these characters are NOT immortal and are often vulnerable to attacks and thus being killed in the present. 

      Applications = 

      Retrogression Immunity, 

      Reality Warping, 

      Immutability, etc... 

      Limitations = 

      Mortality and Vulnerable to attacks (in the present)

      Association = 

      Causality Negation

      Known User = 

      SCP-682 (SCP Foundation) 

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    • Acausality Warping\Manilulation should be the ability to even affect those entities who completely unrestricted by Causality (hence Acausality to begin with). But is it supposed to make a Acausality user got affected by change in the past? is up to debate (negate or de-effect of Acausality and affect given users in another aspect?)

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    • A FANDOM user
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