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The power to exist outside of time. Sub-power of Spatial-Temporal Lock.

Also Called

  • Time Lock
  • Chronolock


The user exists outside of time, which makes them immune to it's effects and all that is caused by it. This can render the user ageless as a result. Since the user's body is not affected by time, they do not expend energy, and therefore do not need to eat or sleep. Because time does not flow for the user, any diseases also do not progress, thus effectively rendering the user immune to disease symptoms and damage. They may also exhibit regenerative capabilities as a result of their temporal lock, as their bodies will always revert to the point in time in which they were not injured.

User may be locked into a specific point in their time, and will always regress to that particular point in time no matter how much of it passes.




  • Immune only to temporal powers, so spatial powers can still affect the user.
  • Weak against Temporal Bypassing
  • May not heal, as healing requires time to pass.
  • May be temporally locked to an disadvantageous point in their timeline, such as before their prime or childhood.

Known Users


Video Games


TV Series

Known Locations

  • Darkness Beyond Time (Chrono Cross)


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