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The power to isolate oneself and/or others from most temporal effects. Sub-power of Temporal Protection. Variation of Isolation. Not to be confused with Temporal Lock.

Also Called

  • Time Isolation


User can isolate themselves or others from most temporal effects while still existing inside of the timestream. The power is like a big stone in a river, the water being the flow of time and the stone being a part of the river while also isolated from most of its effects, the water must pass by the stone while it just sits there and ignores the waters effects. this works under the same basic concept. This allows them to ignore temporal effects such as rewinding, reduction, acceleration, and even shifting.

Unlike Temporal Lock however, the user is not completely immune to the passage of time and its effects.




Known Users

  • Ao Fukai/Thurston (Eureka Seven AO)
  • Celica Hecmatika (Sunday Without God)
  • Demon King Jean (Star Ocean Ex)

Known Objects

  • Temporal Isolation Fields (Star Trek: TNG)

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