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The power to be immune against telekinesis. Variation of Power Immunity.

Also Called

  • Telekinesis Blocking/Shielding
  • Telekinetic Immunity/Blocking/Shielding


The user is immune to any telekinesis, including being moved by a person using telekinesis to lift them up.



  • May still be harmed indirectly by Telekinesis, i.e, a telekinetic creating a fissure in the ground to swallow the user.

Known Users

  • Yuuzhan Vong (Star Wars)
  • Dean Winchester (Supernatural); via the Mark of Cain.
  • Sam Winchester (Supernatural); only from Demons, after consuming a significant amount of demon blood.
  • Matthew Tate (Charmed); after mimicking Prue's telekinesis.
  • The Woogyman (Charmed)
  • The Slasher (Charmed)
  • Bloody Mary (Charmed)
  • Billy Appleby (Charmed)
  • Saitama (One-Punch Man)
  • Ryo Takatsuki/Jabberwock (Project A.R.M.S); having adapted to Cliff Gilbert's psychokinesis.

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