The power to use technomagic weapons. Combination of Adaptive Weaponry, Scientific Weaponry and Magic Weaponry.

Also Called

  • Magi/Meta-Techo/Tech Weaponry
  • Magical and Technological Weapon/Weaponry
  • Technomagical Weapon
  • Technomagic Weapon/Weaponry


User has and can use technomagical weapon that can intuitively replicate and mimic any form of technology and supernatural properties to adaptively infuse themselves to completely any verity regardless of its nature.

Weapons superior technological and mystical fusion grants advance adaptive application that can suits the needs in battle whether they be offensive or defensive making them highly adaptable and analyzing to a any variety of situations, capable of overcoming any and all obstacles whether it be mystical, psionic, or scientific outcome.

Do to its magical and technological nature weapons have the potential for sentient intelligence and empathy making it nearly impossible for just anyone to use, be it human, robots, magical entities, etc. Weapon can utilize itself only to the user that has symbiotic and empathic relationship with the weapon that can sense their intentions through semi or complete conscious thought, making the user capable of manipulating the weapon and gain special powers from it.




  • May need enhanced intelligence to understand the technology and supernatural aspects.

Known Users

Known Objects