"Caressing is one of the primary pathways to awakening and channeling sexual energy."
― Mabel Iam
"Sexual energy between two people is a primal force comprised of power (energy that moves toward another) and virtue (knowing the energy between the two is right)."
― Alexandra Katehakis

The power to manipulate sexual energy. Combination of Energy Manipulation and Sexual Instinct. Not to be confused with Lust Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Sexual Energy Manipulation


User can sense, create, shape and manipulate sexual energy; a raw energy of pure sexuality and sexual activities, arousal, attraction, desire, drive, fantasy, orientation, etc, everything connected to it by its own nature and all aspects: mental, spiritual, physical, social, etc.

User can manipulate the sexuality/sexual energy that dwells within any sexual entity even themselves from their source, allowing them to achieve sexual traits, abilities even powers that can utilizes natural and supernatural sexuality and all of it's ecstasies for any purpose and manifest it into physical level and use it to develop, empower, fight, etc.



  • Cloth Removal - Users can use their sexual energy to mentally remove anyone's clothing.
  • Desire Form - Sexual energy can be utilized for transformations based in the sexual desires from oneself and others.
    • Supernatural Beauty - Utilizing the energy users can obtain a transcending beauty.
      • Seductive Magnetism - Users can use the sexual energy to radiate an aura of attractiveness, naturally inducing pleasure and desire while subtly lifting inhibition.
  • Health Optimization - Do to sexuality being good for the health, users can use their sexual energies to keep their health optimal.
    • Contaminant Immunity - Users immunity system becomes increasingly more advanced the most do to the sexual energy that sustains them.
    • Enhanced Health - Users can become incredibly far more healthy in their condition making them more capable.
  • Hormone Manipulation - Users can utilize their sexual energy to help manipulate their sexual hormone.
    • Osculated Sway - Users can utilize their sexual pheromones from their secrete enzymes and produce high sexual suggestibility.
    • Pheromone Manipulation - Users can manipulate their natural sexual pheromones to increase pleasure of different type to their own benefit.
    • Physical Attribute Augmentation - By using their hormones to help augment their physical attributes for any potential purpose.
  • Sex Appeal Combat - Sexual energy can be used for sexual appeals combat both offensive and defensive purposes.
    • Pectukinetic Combat (Females Only) - Women can utilize their sexual energy into their breasts for combat applications.
  • Sex Empowerment - Sexual energy can bring high levels orgasmic stimulations that can empower oneself.
    • Sexual Desire Empowerment - Users can can be empowered by the sexual desires and emotion of others and themselves.
    • Sexual Ecstasy Empowerment - Users can be empowered by the pleasures and ecstasies of sexuality, drawing the energy of sexual joy from their experience.
    • Sexual Fantasy Empowerment - Users can draw energy from the sexual fantasies of others and themselves to utilize empowerment and sustainment.
  • Sexual Energy Channeling - Users can channel sexual energy within themselves and others and utilize for myriad of possibilities.
  • Sexual Inducement - Sexual energy can induce highly transcended level of sexual arousal and potent experiences.
    • Orgasm Inducement - Induce intense orgasm using sexual energy to transcended level of experience.
    • Subliminal Seduction - User can project seductive thoughts to the minds of others, that can be used to attract and seduce any subject one desires.
  • Sexual Perception - User can see the sexual aspects and traits of others, seeing their sexual potential in life.
  • Tantric Metabolization - User can drain the sexual energy of others as a source of food and empowerment to sustain themselves.
    • Death By Sex - Users can drain the sexual energy to the point of death by having sexual intercourse.
    • Replenishment - The sexual energy user drain can replenish the user state and recover from low energy restoring lost strength and stamina.
    • Self-Sustenance - The sexual energy user drain can keep the user sustained, lacking any need for other bodily necessities.




Known Users


  • Bo Dennis (Lost Girl)


  • Amaterasu (The Wicked + The Divine)
  • Inanna (The Wicked + The Divine)
  • Witches (Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose)
    • Raven Hex
    • Tarot


  • Aphrodite (The Heroes of Olympus)
  • Users of the Ardeur (Anita Blake Series)


  • Anael/Hamiel (Angelology)
  • Deities of Sexuality (Mythology)
    • Aphrodite/Venus (Greco-Roman Mythology)
    • Kama (Hindu Mythology)

Video Games

  • Kama (Valkyrie Crusade)