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The power to use powers that come from the symbolism of something. Not to be confused with Symbolic Power, Symbol Magic and Symbolic Attack.


User is part of a magical system that give a special semi-sentient power core, that work as source of the powers, that analyze the user and create an "avatar-like image" that represent the user and that is located inside the core and the user's mind, after that the core will give one or more ability related to the avatar's symbolism.

Despite there's various cores, it's possible divide them into different categories that are animals, mythological creatures, heroes, gods, supernatural beings, and mixed.



  • Less powerful the enigma force is less ability have with a minimum of 1 power
  • When using a power is possible develop a weakness (example a water body become weak against lightning based ability, sensible against freezing ability, etc.)
  • If the power is removed from the user, the latter will die into few minutes, this situation can be avoided implanting back the core or putting a new one, in this last case the power is insignificant
  • Any ability can be "defeated" by more powerful ability (Example: water manipulated by an user can be controlled by another water manipulator more strong overpowering the weak one)
  • Despite the creation of an avatar, its impossible summon and use it.
  • Because symbols have different meanings between individuals, the nature of this power can be unpredictable and can even impair the user in some way.

Known Users

  • Leone (Akame ga Kill!)
  • Promethea (Wildstorm)


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