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The ability to wield a power that represents the user's individuality.

Also Called

  • Individualistic Superpower
  • Personified Power
  • Represented Abilities
  • Semblance


The user can manifest a power/ability that pertains, represents, stands for, or suggests an idea, visual image, belief, action, or material entity. The symbols pertain to the manifestation/projection of one's soul or inner self into a physical form. This power/ability may or may not use an object or substance (sometimes of significance) to channel one's soul or psyche. By understanding one's power, concept, and/or oneself, the user's abilities may evolve. These powers may also be similar due to personalities, souls, genetics, and innate talents.




  • May lose control of their power due to mental/physical/spiritual condition/state.

Known Users


  • Burst Linkers (Accel World)
  • Order Users (Big Order)
  • Fullbringers (Bleach)
  • Orihime Inoue (Bleach); via Shun Shun Rikka
  • Kill-T-Gang (Captain Earth)
  • Sesshomaru (InuYasha); via Bakusaiga
  • Shinigami/Arrancar (Bleach); via Zanpakuto
  • Bounts (Bleach); via Dolls

Video Games

  • SEES (Persona 3)
    • Makoto Yuki
    • Junpei Iori
    • Yukari Takeba
    • Ken Amada
    • Akihiko Sanada
    • Koromaru
    • Mitsuru Kirijo
    • Fuuka Yamagishi
    • Aigis
    • Shinjiro Aragaki; temporarily
  • Strega (Persona 3)
    • Takaya Sakaki
    • Chidori Yoshino
    • Jin Shirato
  • Investigation Team (Persona 4)
    • Teddie/Kuma
    • Yosuke Hanamura
    • Yu Narukami
    • Yukiko Amagi
    • Chie Satonaka
    • Kanji Tatsumi
    • Naoto Shirogane
    • Rise Kujikawa
  • Tohru Adachi (Persona 4)
  • Phantom Thieves of Hearts (Persona 5)
    • Protagonist
    • Ryuji Sakamoto
    • Ann Takamaki
    • Morgana
    • Yusuke Kitawaga
    • Makoto Niijima
    • Futaba Sakura
    • Haru Okumura
    • Goro Akechi

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