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The ability to conceive and gestate children at an unnaturally high rate.

Also Called

  • Accelerated Reproduction
  • Enhanced Fecundity
  • Supernatural Conception


The user can conceive and produce offspring at an unnaturally high rate and give birth to scores of children in a short amount of time, far above the rate of normal reproductive abilities of their species or their body's normal ability to sustain.




  • Users without enough physical vitality or nutrients may perish from repeated birthing of offspring.

Known Users

See Also: Explosive Breeder.

  • Iyo (Big Order)
  • The Tainted Coil (Brütal Legend)
  • Mother of Champions (DC Comics)
  • Lilith (DC Comics/Vertigo)
  • Broodmothers (Dragon Age)
  • Black Widow/Galina Tsarfin (Marvel Comics)
  • Charlotte Linlin (One Piece)
  • Supernaturals (Shadow Falls)
    • Holiday Brandon
  • Rigellians (The Simpsons)
  • Karen Gallagher (Smallville)
  • Tribbles (Star Trek)
  • Zolgear's Lair (Testament of A Sister New Devil)
  • Superheroes (The Thundermans)
  • Human females carrying vampire hybrids (Twilight Saga)
  • Niobe Winslow/Genetrix (Wild Cards)


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