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The power to block out sunlight from the sun. Sub-power of Eternal Night Inducement. Technique of Solar Manipulation. Opposite to Solar Augmentation.

Also Called

  • Solar Blocking
  • Sun/Solar Obscuring
  • Solar-Eclipse Inducement


The user can block the sun in the sky through different methods, including darkening the sky, placing an object high in the sky that blocks the sun, creating dark clouds to block the sun, causing eclipse, etc., preventing sunlight coming down, which will kill plants over time and prevent solar-powered beings from getting their power.




  • May only cover a certain area.
  • May only be temporary.

Known Users

  • The Beast (Angel)
  • Torak/Child of Dark (Belgarion)
  • Susanoo (Blue Seed)
  • Phoebe Frady (Heroes: Reborn); Darkness Manipulation
  • Boss of the Skies (Toriko)
  • Zorc the Dark one (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
  • Hades (Saint Seiya)

Known Objects


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