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"I am the storm. I am the thunder's roar. I am Hrungnir."
― Hrungnir (Valkyrie Crusade)

The power to become the embodiment of storms. Variation of Storm Manipulation and Weather Embodiment.

Also Called

  • Living Storm
  • Storm Incarnate/Personification
  • The Storm


The user embodies and personifies storms, a severe weather that may be marked by strong wind, hail, thunder and/or lightning (a thunderstorm), heavy precipitation (snowstorm, rainstorm), heavy freezing rain (ice storm), strong winds (tropical cyclone, windstorm) or wind transporting some substance through the atmosphere (as in a dust storm, blizzard, sandstorm, etc.).



Known Users

  • Ba'al (Ba'al: The Storm God)
  • Mafuga (Doraemon)
  • Tempestas (Greek Mythology)
  • Hrungnir (Valkyrie Crusade)


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