The user can create and use magical signs that have multiple abilities. Variation to Symbol Magic.


The user can generate a magical symbol through various means and use multiple abilities. The symbol can exist within the user to unlock a new ability or by infusing the stigma onto another person for a specific magical effect. Each stigma will grant specific magic powers and effects that it represents.


The Legend of Legendary Heroes

Alpha Stigma

Iino Doue

Ebra Crypt

Torch Curse



  • In the case of Alpha Stigma bearers, users can go insane if not be handled properly.
  • May require knowledge and understanding to create brand new symbols.

Known Users

  • Zommari (Bleach); via Amor
  • Sting (Fairy Tail)
  • Arua (The Legend of Legendary Heroes)
  • Ryner Lute (The Legend of Legendary Heroes)
  • Tiir (The Legend of Legendary Heroes)