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Power to use the abilities of Stick Figure.


User with this ability either is or can transform into Stick Figure, a very simple drawing of a person or animal, composed of a few lines, curves, and dots. In a stick figure, the head is represented by a circle, sometimes embellished with details such as eyes, mouth or crudely scratched-out hair. The arms, legs and torso are usually represented by straight lines. Details such as hands, feet and a neck may be present or absent, and the simpler stick figures display an ambiguous emotional expression.

Being nearly 2-dimensional, they can avoid the attacks, travel through narrow spaces/flat surfaces (such as paper) to avoid enemy attacks or detection.



Known Users

  • Johnny Rocketfingers (Johnny Rocketfingers)
  • Fancy Pants (Fancy Pants Adventures)
  • Vinnie (Sift Heads)
  • Nhazul (License to Combo & RHG)
  • EZtoon (The Door Animation)
  • Ghost Fighter1 (Ghost Fight: Battle of Swords)
  • Ghost Fighter2 (Ghost Fight: Battle of Swords)
  • Default Pivot (Pivot Animations)
  • Mr. Game & Watch (Nintendo)
  • Blue2 (Zack Hix)
  • Mr. Red (Shock)
  • The Chosen One (Animator vs Animation)
  • AOL Messenger (AOL Instant Messenger)
  • Henry Stickmin (Henry Stickmin Series)
  • Xiao Xiao (Xiao Xiao Series)
  • Joe Zombie (Joe Zombie Series)
  • DoodleBob (Spongebob SquarePants)
  • All RHGs (available and unavailable)
  • Stick Figure (Family Guy)
  • Team Zetabrand (Zetabrand)
  • The Slush Fighters (Slush Invaders)



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Top Stick

Stick Figure Battle