" I'm telling you, I don't look like that. Make another."
"Yes, Lord Ugly-face."
― Lord Ugly-Face and Islander (The Simpsons)

The power to use the abilities of statue. Variation of Art Physiology and Inanimate Object Physiology.

Also Called

  • Sculpture Mimicry/Physiology
  • Statue Mimicry


User with this ability either is or can transform into statue. Users' transformed form is either anatomically identical to their normal form, aside of being made of their basic materials, in which case it contains all to organs and is somewhat vulnerable to attacks. Alternately the user can transform into homogeneous matter, without any part of their form being more important than the other.



Given all the possibilities for creating a statue, they can have any of the powers under:



  • Depending of the material user is made of.
  • Magma Manipulation
  • May need an essence to bring the statue to life.

Known Users

See also: Living Statue.

  • Four Guardians (Brave Story)
  • The Baron (The Cat Returns)
  • Old Chief Wood'nhead (Creepshow 2)
  • Zeus (Disney's Hercules)
  • Weeping Angels (Doctor Who)
  • Haniwa (Final Fantasy Legend II)
  • Colossus of Rhodes (God of War II)
  • Talos (Greek Mythology)
  • SCP-173 - The Sculpture (SCP Foundation)
  • SCP-359 - The Hawk (SCP Foundation)
  • SCP-1507 - Pink Flamingos (SCP Foundation)
  • Sengoku (One Piece)
  • Rouge (Ranma 1/2); via her Cursed Form
  • Hermes (Sekkou Boys)
  • Mars (Sekkou Boys)
  • Medici (Sekkou Boys)
  • St. Giorgio (Sekkou Boys)
  • Mario/Luigi (Super Mario); via the Lucky Bell or Tanooki Leaf
  • Kali statue (The Golden Voyage of Sinbad)
  • Daimajin (Daimajin)
  • Shabti (The Kane Chronicles)
  • Moe-Eye (Super Mario Odyssey)

Known Objects

  • Lucky Bell (Super Mario)
  • Tanooki Leaf (Super Mario)
  • Koura's potion (The Golden Voyage of Sinbad)