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The ability to create bladed weapons of spiritual flames. Sub-power of Spiritual Flame Manipulation. Combination of Pyrokinetic Blade Construction and Spiritual Blade Construction.

Also Called

  • Spiritual Flame Blade/Sword Creation


The user can construct bladed weapons out of spiritual flames, which utilize high temperatures and intense life-force energy to damage the enemies, and affect spiritual beings that normal weapons cannot.

Since the blade is constructed of spiritual flames, it can gain strength by absorbing the souls of those it cuts down, increasing in intensity and size. The user can also summon these absorbed spirits to attack individually.




  • How long the blade lasts depends on the users skill and power, some may need near constant attention, others are effectively permanent.
  • The spirits within the flames may turn against the owner if control is lacking.
  • Flames may not affect physical matter, but only spiritual.

Known Users


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