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The power to become one with one's spiritual animal.

Also CalledEdit

  • Spirit Animal Connection


The user is connected, bonded, associated, and/or linked with their spiritual animal. They can empathize and communicate with their spiritual animal, understand it without communication, mimic its abilities, have a personality that reflects its nature, summon it as a spiritual guardian for a variety of reasons, and harmonize with it. 

The user is, by nature, aware of what species their spiritual animal is, and specimens of said species may go as far as to view and treat the user as part of their own group.

Both the user and their spiritual animal lack any fear of each other, and depending on how advanced the former is, they could transform/fuse with the latter, and gain all the powers relating to the species of the spiritual animal's physiology in the process.



  • Animal Imitation: mimic the abilities of one's spiritual animal.
  • Companion Allegiance: form an allegiance with specimens of the species of one's spiritual animal.
  • Materialized Guardian: summon one's spiritual animal as a guardian of purely spiritual being.
  • Mind Control: control all members of the species of one's spiritual animal.
  • Mind Link: develop a mental link with one's spiritual animal.
  • Sensory Scrying: perceive through the senses of one's spiritual animal.
  • Symbiosis: possess a symbiotic relationship with one's spiritual animal.
  • Taming: tame the nature of one's spiritual animal.
  • Undying Loyalty: the user and their spiritual animal are of complete loyalty to one another.
  • Zoolingualism: communicate with one's spiritual animal.


Known UsersEdit

  • Nightwolf (Mortal Kombat)
  • Mai's Demons (Kanon)
  • Certain Mutants (Whateley Academy); via Avatar Trait
  • Humans and their "dæmons" (His Dark Materials)

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