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Spirit Magic
Bixlow (Fairy Tail) goof, maniac and joker.

Power/Ability to:

Use spiritual magic

The ability to use magic that revolves around spirits. A form of Magic and the magical equivalent of Soul Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Kidou
  • Seith Magic


Users are able to use spirit magic, that revolves around channeling, summoning or using the power of spirits to achieve their goals. Users may have to strike a deal with the spirits in order to use their power and to keep using it. The users can summon spirits, use spiritual weapons, or channel a spirit into their body to gain enhancements. They could gain physical enhancements or gain completely new abilities i.e. channeling a fire spirit gives the user Fire Manipulation.

The user can also channel the spirits of angels and demons but may be corrupted by the latter. The user may also have some degree of control in the spirit world and gain more power from being in it.




  • User may summon something they cannot control.
  • The user may have to do the bidding of the spirits or else they will lose some, if not all of their power.

Known Users

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