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The ability to create barriers that spirits cannot pass through. Sub-power of Spirit Magic.

Also Called

  • Spirit Ward
  • Spiritual Barrier


The user is capable of creating barriers that spirits are unable to pass, allowing them to trap spirits in an area by creating the barrier around the spirit location or protect someone from spirits by creating a barrier around them.




  • The created barriers may only last for so long depending on the users power and the power of the spirit trying to pass through the barrier.
  • Spirits possessing someone may be able to pass the barrier.
  • The barrier only stops spirits.

Known Users

  • Monk (Ghost Hunt)
  • Shinigami (Bleach)
  • Regalias (Noragami)
  • Touko Aozaki (TYPE-MOON)

Known Objects

  • Barrier Stones (Re:Zero)

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