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The power to cause anything and anyone to spin in a tornado-like manner. Variation of Inducement.

Also Called

  • Rapid Gyration Inducement
  • Tornado Spinning Inducement


The user can cause anything and anyone to spin in a cyclonic manner and control which ever direction they are to spin. For example, they can stop bullets by spinning them in the opposite direction and accelerate the healing process of themselves or others by spinning cells.




  • May be only able to spin singular objects at a time.
  • May have to concentrate on certain matter the user wishes to spin.
  • User's power may require physical contact to initially activate the effects.

Known Users

  • Nofix (B.Ichi)
  • Ooba Babasaama (Fairy Tail)
  • Gyrators (Gesellschaft Blume)
  • Users of Spin (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run)

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