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" Without stragety power's just an empty threat."
― Yami (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

The power to use various unique abilities. Defined by Superpower Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Deviant//Unique/Variant Powers
  • The Art of Power


The user can perform powers that are not categorized by attacks, defenses and supports. This uses powers that are capable of using abilities with a different variety of unique effects. Such as manipulation, empowerments, absorbing, communication, etc. which grants myriad of possibilities for combat and none combat capabilities. With a myriad of applications to there powers, users can become high level specialist in there unique powers/abilities and do almost anything with them.




  • May have a set limited number of uses for their abilities.
  • May become tired from using it many times.

Known Users

  • Specialist Heroes (Heroes of the Storm)
  • Users of Nen (Hunter X Hunter); via Specialization

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