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The power to exist outside of space. Sub-power of Spatial-Temporal Lock.

Also Called

  • Space Lock
  • Spatial Lock


The user exists outside of space, which makes them immune to physical attacks and all spatial-based powers such as Spatial Slicing and Remote Teleportation.





  • Only covers space, so users of temporal-based powers can still affect the user.
  • User may be still be subject to aging.
  • May be permanently locked outside of space, rendering one to live in Non-Corporeal Form.

Known Users

Known Places

  • Natural Senkaimon (Bleach)
  • Sacred World of the Kais (Dragon Ball)
  • Nil (Final Fantasy Dimensions)
  • Exit From Paradise (Final Fantasy Legend)
  • Overspace (Marvel Comics)
  • The Observatorium (Planescape)
  • The Source (Planescape)


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