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The ability to expand the empty space in teleportation destination as to provide room. Sub-power of Distance Manipulation.

Also CalledEdit

  • Spatial Diffusion/Extension


User can expand the empty space in teleportation destination as to provide room for teleported target, teleport/pushing matter/energy away from them to prevent telefragging into the subject.

If a normal person observed a Time Manipulator stop time, walk into a pool, and start time again, they wouldn't notice the difference between a teleporter, with this ability, teleporting into the pool.

Note: This only works on things that can be pushed by the subject. For example, teleporting a human in a small, but extremely elastic box will work, but a small diamond-hard box will crush the human.



  • Users of Space Depletion can defeat this power.
  • This power doesn't generate space, it just expands the current space.

Known ObjectsEdit

  • Quantum Space Expander/Space Doubler (Ah! My Goddess)

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