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The ability to take slices of space and replicate/duplicate them. Sub-power of Spatial Manipulation. Variation of Spatial Tuning.

Also CalledEdit

  • Space Replication
  • Twining


The user can take a said section of space and create a copy of it, and then recreate that said space within somewhere else. This in effect allows them to record and duplicate enemy attacks and use it as their own. In such a case, it may appear the user is manipulating time to recreate such effects, though it is simply to recreate the space (and everything occurring within) in another area; in short, a "copy-and-paste" effect.

Users can also recreate a space that didn't exist before and shift their location in space in that instance.




  • May only be able to take a limited amount of space a time.

Known UsersEdit

Known ObjectsEdit

  • Divergence Field/Spatial Scission (Star Trek Voyager)


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