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The ability to bend space to reshape target without harming or damaging them. Sub-power of Spatial Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Space Contortion
  • Spatial Twisting/Reshaping/Plasticity


The user can bend the space of the target, whether being, object or anything else, in order to reshape them by stretching, twisting, deforming and bending them in any way possible without harming them, tearing them apart or breaking them (even if they are inelastic). Manipulating an object's space, one could do things such as tie an elephant into a knot without harming its body or folding a computer without damaging it. The contortions are rather inelastic, and whatever is warped will remain that way until the user leaves the area, a certain amount of time has passed or if the user wills the person and object back to their original shape.




  • May have a limit on how far they can contort objects.
  • May be ireversible.
  • May wear off after a certain amount of time, or if user leaves the area or falls unconscious.
  • May be limited to certain types of objects or beings.
  • May have size-limit.

Known Users

  • Distortion Ring Lifeform (Star Trek Voyager)

Known Powers

  • Distortion Halos (Uber)

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