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The ability to manipulate spatial forces and gravitational forces at the same time. A combination of Spatial Manipulation and Gravitation Manipulation.


Users are able to control and generate spatial and gravitational forces at the same time. Users are able to warp, bend, flip, crush, and push spatial areas, while also controlling the gravity inside of the area. Users can warp, bend, flip, crush, control and otherwise manipulate all physical aspects of space and gravity within an area of ones choosing. The user can control gravitational fields. They can bend gravity to make the environment very “heavy” or “light”, cause objects to “fall” toward another object instead of the earth (“nexus inducing”), flatten objects, and generate miniature black holes to compress objects into oblivion.

Users of this ability often possess some form of Darkness-related power, as they can absorb light like a black hole, thus making their gravitational distortions appear black.

Another capability is to repel and attract objects with the user as the epicenter. Similar to the laws of magnetism, one can repulse matter (to the extent, energy) regardless of its mass. The user can attract objects as well in a telekinetic manner.

Offensive uses of this power are to repulse people or objects with such force it could shatter wood, rocks, and human bones, and to increase gravity to crush opponents or decrease it to render them defenseless. A defensive use is to create a gravitational force-field repelling certain objects and attacks. Users can also create a gravitational loop within a area by creating a black and white hole, sending people to and from oblivion.





  • Power takes a lot of focus.
  • At a low level, users will have a limited time to focus power to only one task.

Known Users

  • Black Dragon (Chrono Cross)
  • Xigbar (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Citrine (Worm)
  • Quantum users (DC Universe Online)

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