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The power to make people feel disgust and/or hatred towards the victim. A sub-power of Social Magnetism and an inverse power of Sexual Inducement. Not to be confused with Unlovability­ Inducement, for this power is temporary after it have taken affect.

Also Called

  • Repelling
  • Social Hatred
  • Social Pariah
  • Social Repeller


The power is used to make people and probably even family feel disgusted and/or hated towards the user or others by via skin contact or from a distance either way it will still have the effect.


  • Make family feel hated and disgusted by the user.
  • Make others become hated and disgusted.
  • Break up friendships and boyfriend and girlfriend relationships.
  • Make people become disgusted by the user.
  • Become hated by others.
  • Make another become traitor, thus losing they're friends, family, teammates, and loved ones trust.
  • Make friends and family physically, emotionally, mentally abuse the user or someone else.
  • High-level users could make others turn against one another so that they can create large amount of conflict and chaos by making everyone turn against each. for example, a house, building, city, or country.


  • If the effect is used on the user then that could be bad.
  • If it is activated by direct skin contact then that means the user will never have a normal relationship again, without control.

Known Users

  • Alisha (Misfits); when taking ecstasy
  • Polaris (Marvel Comics)
  • Fred (Twilight)
  • Polgara (The Belgariad/The Malloreon)