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The ability to move so fast everything else appears to slow down or stop. Sub-power of Supernatural Speed. Not to be confused with Accelerated Perception or Time Reduction.

Also Called

  • Slow Mo
  • Slow Motion World


The user can move so fast that everything else appears to slow down or stop while the user moves normally.



Known Users

  • Flash (DC Comics)
  • Quicksilver (Marvel)
  • Daphne Millbrook (Heroes)
  • Takumi Inui/Kamen Rider Faiz (Kamen Rider 555)
  • ZECT Riders (Kamen Rider Kabuto)
  • History Monks (Discworld)
  • Bebe (Kim Possible)
  • Racer (Fairy Tail)
  • Roger (American Dad!)
  • Philip J. Fry (Futurama); via coffee
  • Epsilon (Red vs Blue)
  • Chuck (The Angry Birds Movie)

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