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The ability to become physically stronger the longer one remains awake.

Also Called

  • Sleepless Augmentation


The user can become physically stronger the longer one remains awake. The user's physical attributes are based on lack of sleep thus the longer the user remains awake, the stronger and tougher he becomes. The user's ability also allow him to go days on end with out sleep.




  • User's mind will eventually suffer from severe sleep deprivation if their stamina is exhaustible and the user must sleep to avoid it
  • Once the user sleeps, their physical power resets to its beginning level.
  • Sleep Inducement users can depower the user.
  • The user may depend of someone or something to help them keep awake.
  • Sleep deprivation may cause metabolic declination in long terms.

Known Users

  • Max Damage (Incorruptible)
  • Augustus Cole (X-Files)

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