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The power to shrink in size. Sub-power of Size Manipulation. Opposite to Size Enhancement.

Also Called

  • Atom Size
  • Micromorph
  • Microscopic Size
  • Miniaturization
  • Shrinking
  • Size Decrease
  • Subatomic Size


The user possesses the power to reduce themselves or others down to the size and dimensions of an ant, cell or even smaller. Some users may retain or have boosted strength, weight, mass while they are at reduced size. Some users can shrink their body parts and objects as well.



  • Basic Level: User can shrink down to half of their normal size.
  • Advanced Level: User can shrink down to quarter of their normal size.
  • Expert Level: User can shrink down to tenth of their normal size.
  • Master Level: User can shrink down to percentage of their normal size.
  • Ultimate Level: User can shrink down to atomic size.
  • Absolute Level: User can shrink below size of subatomic particles.



  • User may get stepped on or attacked by larger enemies.
  • May not be able go back to regular size.
  • May be affected by Galileo's Square-Cube Law.

Known Users

  • Jake the Dog (Adventure Time)
  • Brandish μ (Fairy Tail)
  • Ants (The Ant Bully)
  • Keita Torigaya (Asu No Yoichi!)
  • Kollekio (Marchen Awakens Romance)
  • Power Pack (Marvel Comics); by decreasing the space of atoms.
  • Users of Pym Particles (Marvel Comics)
    • Henry Pym/Ant-Man/Yellowjacket (all incarnations and reality versions)
    • Janet van Dyne/Wasp (all incarnations and reality versions)
    • Cassandra Lang/Stature
    • Scott Lang/Ant-Man #2
    • Eric O' Grady/Ant-Man #3
    • Darren Cross/Yellowjacket
  • Deva van Dyne (Marvel Comics)
  • Tinkabelinos Hardleg/Tink (Marvel Comics)
  • Scintilla (Marvel Comics)
  • Kamala Khan (Marvel Comics)
  • Tyrone/Dr. Shrinky (The Backyardigans)
  • Alice (Lewis Carroll's Alice)
  • Alice Liddell (American McGee's Alice)
  • Mario (Super Mario Bros.)
  • Luigi (Super Mario Bros.)
  • Mego (Kim Possible)
  • The Little (Card Captor Sakura)
  • Kanchomé (Zatch Bell!)
  • Green Fire (Sidekicks)
  • The Atom/Ray Palmer (DC Comics)
  • Martians (DC Comics)
  • Micro Lass (DC Comics)
  • Salu Digby/Shrinking Violet (DC Comics)
  • Nun the Less (DC Comics)
  • One of the Sizematic Twins (DC Comics)
  • Lalo Muldron/Mirco Lad (DC Comics)
  • Jill Athron/The Atom (DC Comics)
  • Thomas Troy/The Fly (DC Comics)
  • Chester Cheese/Little Cheese (DC Comics)
  • Mirco (DC Comics)
  • Paul Morse/Mr. Justice (DC Comics)
  • The Item (DC Comics)
  • Mite (DC Comics)
  • Thumbelina (DC Comics)
  • Jessica Palmer/The Atom (DC Comics)
  • Martha Roberts/Doll Girl (DC Comics)
  • Isadora Wellington-Smythe/Iota (DC Comics)
  • Micron (DC Comics)
  • Jay Abrams/Blue Jay (DC Comics)
  • Adam Cray/The Atom (DC Comics)
  • Zou Kang/Thundermind (DC Comics)
  • Bumblebee (DC Comics)
  • Klarion Bleak (DC Comics)
  • Aztar/Spectre (DC Comics)
  • Darkseid (DC Comics)
  • Rita Parr/Elasti-Woman (DC Comics)
  • Janet van Dyne/Elasti-Girl (Amalgam Universe)
  • Charlotte (Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos)
  • Lily Enstomach (One Piece)
  • Pokemon that can use "Minimize" (Pokémon)
  • Borneo Demons (Charmed); via their darts
  • Gammill (Charmed); via his wand
  • Tuatha (Charmed); via magic dust
  • Savard (Charmed)
  • Ja Seirei (Ghost Sweeper Mikami); via his darts
  • Jonathan Osterman/Doctor Manhattan (Watchmen)
  • Enchantix Level Fairies (Winx Club)
  • Brain (Skylanders)
  • Toa Norik (Bionicle); via Great Kanohi Pehkui
  • Slitheen & Blathereen (Doctor Who);via compression fields
  • Micros (Mighty Med)
  • Skylar Storm (Mighty Med)
  • Micro (Extinctioners)
  • Chicken-Matango (Nanatsu no Taizai)
  • Draco (Chica Vampiro)
  • Dr. Elvin Lincoln (Misfits of Science)
  • Nina Thumbell (Ever After High)
  • Saffron Bee (Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Fairies (Ferngully)
  • Milon (Milon's Secret Castle); via shrink potion
  • Sigmund (Unbreakable Machine-Doll)
  • Scott Carey (The Incredible Shrinking Man)
  • Pat Kramer (The Incredible Shrinking Woman)
  • Ermac (Mortal Kombat)
  • Link (The Legend of Zelda:The Minish Cap); via The Minish Cap
  • Pokemon who can learn "Minimize" (Pokemon)
  • Sofia the First (Sofia the First); via Amulet of Avalor
  • Dada (Ultraman series)

Known Objects

  • Pym Particles (Marvel Comics)
  • Shrink Ray (Various)
    • Lilliput's size gun (Darkwing Duck)
    • Minimiser (The Secret Service)
    • Tissue Compression Eliminator (Doctor Who)
    • Molecular nanoscaler (Doctor Who)
  • Pink Candies (Hime-chan's Ribbon)
  • Changing Chopsticks (Xiaolin Showdown)
  • Morphing Chopsticks (Xiaolin Chronicles)
  • Spear of Lightning (Xiaolin Chronicles)
  • Miniscopes (Doctor Who)
  • Compression fields (Doctor Who)
  • Shrinking Paste (Tooth Fairy)
  • Minimum Tablets (Nanatsu no Taizai)
  • Amulet of Avalor (Sofia the First)
  • Chiquitolina tablets (El Chapulín Colorado)
  • Trident (The Little Mermaid)
  • Shrinking Light (Doraemon)
  • Shrinking Tunnel (Doraemon)
  • The Minish Cap (The Legend of Zelda:The Minish Cap)
  • De-Bigulator (The Simpsons)
  • Drink Me Potion (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland)