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The power to perceive through other beings' senses. Sub-power of Telepathy. Variation of Clairvoyance.

Also Called

  • Parasitic Senses
  • Sense Borrowing/Synchronization


The user can "hitch-hike" other beings' senses and experience what happens as they were them. This power grants the user with the ability to taste, feel, smell, see and/or hear from others senses. It allows the user to experience the world as their target would.




  • May only be able to sense through the senses of certain kinds of beings, such as mammals, rodents, or even just squirrels.
  • Users own body may be helpless while they are using someone elses senses.
  • Unless user has some ability to control the being they are using, they have no control over where it goes and what it perceives.
  • Some beings have so different sensory abilities that they are hard to understand.
  • May experience everything their target does.
    • May take damage as target does.

Known Users

See also: Seeing Through Another's Eyes

  • Edward Kenway (Assassins Creed) via the Crystal Skulls
  • Falcon (Marvel)
  • Rachel Summers (Marvel)
  • Professor X (Marvel Comics)
  • Falconer Predator (Predators)
  • The Crow (The Crow franchise)
  • Double Trouble (Skylanders); only through eyes of his clones
  • Chompy Mage (Skylanders); only through eyes of Chompies.
  • Witches (Discworld)
  • Harry Potter (Harry Potter)
  • Lord Voldemort (Harry Potter)
  • Raven (Teen Titans/DC Comics)
  • Eve (Supernatural)
  • Diagon (Ben 10: Ultimate Alien)
  • Jasmine (Angel)
  • Eve (Underworld: Awakening)
  • Hyper Metal Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie)
  • Kanami Yuta (s-CRY-ed)
  • Naraku (InuYasha)
  • River Tam (Firefly)
  • Ajin (Ajin); via Black Ghost
  • Vampires (True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse Books)
    • Eric Northman
    • Pam
    • Jessica
    • Bill Compton
  • Hanyuu Furude, spirit form (Higurashi series); via Rika
  • Melinda Gordon (Ghost Whisperer)
  • Lana Lang (Smallville); temporarily
  • Jayfeather (Warriors)
  • Kai (Kung Fu Panda)
  • Zac Blakely (Mako: Island of Secrets)
  • Mimmi (Mako: Island of Secrets)
  • April O'Neil (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; 2012 TV series)
  • Tessa Gray (The Infernal Devices)
  • Rayna Cruz (The Vampire Diaries)
  • Bonnie Bennett (The Vampire Diaries); temporarily

Known Objects

  • Palantír (Lord of the Rings)
  • Crystal Skulls (Assassins Creed: Black Flag)


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