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The power to alter the perception of oneself. Sub-power of Perception Manipulation and Mindshifting. Variation of Illusion Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Self-Perception Manipulation


User can alter their own perception of reality, allowing them to experience anything they want independently from the context. They may even create alternate realities within their mind, leading any life they wish and entering/leaving/switching them at will. Users may also use this perceptive manipulation to enhance their real life, soothing the bad experiences and magnifying the good ones, radically improving their quality of life.




  • Only applies to the user.
  • Users still have to take care of their real life to prevent degeneration and death.
  • Excessive use may blur the line between reality and inducement, leading to insanity.

Known Users

  • Humanoid Cylons (Battlestar Galactica)
  • Kodaka Hasegawa (Haganai); via Rika's Time Machine
  • Mister Marvel (Marvel Comics)
  • Haruhiko Ichijō (Myriad Colors Phantom World)

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