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The power to be weighted and weightless simultaneously. Technique of Mass Manipulation and Weight Manipulation. Not to be confused with Ultimate Intangibility.

Also Called

  • Selective Density


User is simultaneously both weighted and weightless, allowing them to have both physical mass/weight and no physical mass/weight at once. As such they can do things like walk on quicksand without falling through or walk on pressure traps without triggering them because they have no physical weight but they can also knock things over or carry things that weight more then enough to weight them down or knock them over without affecting their surroundings.

Users of this would have a sense of physical mass/weight as they could be picked up and held and they would feel there mass and weight, yet they don't seem to have any when influencing their surroundings.

Unlike intangibility they cannot pass/phase through objects.



Known Users

  • Users of Body Equilibrium (AD&D)
  • Ebon Tiger (Forgotten Realms)
  • Nessa (Fractale)
  • Ichiryu (Toriko)


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