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The ability to create selective force-field. Technique of Force-Field Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Filtered Barrier Generation
  • Force-Field Filtration
  • Filtered Protection Field


User can create selective shield, wall or a field to protect themselves which protects them from damage/effects while letting others through. They can allow things such as air, sunlight, allies, etc. to get through the force field, while keeping others out.




  • May be limited on size/shape/time their barriers can take.
  • Some targets may not be held in or contained by barriers.
  • Some targets may be immune to barriers restrictions.
  • May only keep certain things from passing through.
  • Once something goes in, but become unwanted, it may be hard to filter it out, or impossible.

Known Users

  • Onslaught (Marvel)
  • Wyatt Halliwell (Charmed)

Known Objects

  • Hydrostatic Bubbles (Star Wars: The Phantom Menance)

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